• Designed to open the heart chakra and promote self love and self care. The heart chakra is position directly above the heart, its is called Anahata.


    Each kit contains a pillar candle scented with rose quartz essentail oil and infused with rose and marigold petals, wild rose bath soak with a rose quartz mini heart stone inside (8oz) and a sage bundle wrapped in roses. Information card included. 

    Self Care Kit

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    • Sage bundle with roses is used to cleanse your space and promote self love. 

      Rose Quartz Pillar Candle is used to set your intentions and for manifesting your wants and desires. 

      Wild Rose Love Soak w/ mini Rose Quartz heart is used to cleanse with spirit while promoting self love and self care. Soak contains epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, rose petals, lavender, sweet almond and essentail oils. 

    • How to Properly Burn a Pillar Candle


      • Do not burn your pillar candle in any glass or container. Use a regular candleholder so that the candle can stand on its own, but still have something underneath it to catch wax drippings or support it in case it gets bumped.
      • Burn it in a level place away from fans, windows, or other drafts in order to keep it burning evenly. If it is placed in drafty conditions, it can begin to burn unevenly or even start to tunnel.
      • Trim the wick to ¼ inch before each burn. If the wick is too long, it can start to release soot into the air while it burns. 
      • The first time you burn your candle, leave it lit long enough so that a wax pool forms across the majority of the top portion of the candle. This is called a full pool. Let your candle flicker one hour for every inch in diameter, so if your pillar candle has a four-inch diameter, let it burn for four hours when you first light it. This prevents tunneling.
      • Hug in the edges of the pillar candle at the end of each burn by cupping your hands to fold the wax inwards. This will help avoid candle tunneling and allow the excess wax on the edges to be burned along with the center. Tunneling will cause your candle to not last as long.