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  Love Inspired Candle Co, an online candle store with cotton wick candles you'll love

Love Inspired Candle Co is an online candle store that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Formed by a mother-son team, we take great pride in providing impeccable candles and diffusers in scrumptious scents you'll enjoy purchasing for your home over and over. We began making candles just for fun - as a hobby - and as demand for our candles grew among our network, we decided to launch Love Inspired Candle Co. We continue to be completely dedicated to making our customers happy with our wood and standard cotton wick candles. We recommend that people trim the wick of their candles to 1/4" and always keep them within sight when burning. The candles we sell on our online candle store are super affordable for just about everyone, especially because they burn for approximately 40-60 hours. We know you're going to love our inspiring scents and purchase them again and again over the years. We can't wait until you give us a try and get some cotton wick candles that will increase your sense of well-being and decrease your stress. With signature scents such as You Matter, Embrace and Chaos, and Relax and Release, our candles are the ideal way to unwind after a busy day.