Natural Soy Candles

  Natural soy candles from an awesome candle store, Love Inspired Candle Co.

Burning natural soy candles are the perfect way to take your day from "meh" to "ahhhh..." Love Inspired Candle Co has natural soy candles everyone absolutely loves - including scents like Late Night Vibes, Relax and Release, Euphoria, Sweet Dreams, Brown Suga Fig, and Embrace the Chaos. During these times of social distancing, there are fewer pleasures available for us to enjoy on a daily basis, and getting a special candle brings such a sense of calm release, which is so needed these days.


Embrace the Chaos is especially appropriate for these times, especially for those of us who have kids at home and are working from home. Plenty of people have kids underfoot 24/7 while trying to hold down jobs, and there's no end in sight. Who knows when schools and daycares will open again, so when overwhelming hits, it's best to simply grab your favorite beverage (it's 5 o'clock somewhere!), strike a match to light the candle, and simply take some deep breaths, embracing the chaos. The chaos will be there whether we choose to embrace it or not, so it's better to just accept reality and try to find some joy in it.

Love Inspired Candle Co is a candle store unlike any other. All of our candles are lovingly handmade by an awesome mother-son team who take great pride in their handiwork. All candles are available with cotton or wood wicks.  Our prices are super reasonable, if you haven't purchased a candle from Love Inspired Candle Co before, give us a try today - it's the perfect way to give yourself a treat at home.

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