Crackling Candles

  Treat yourself to one of our wood, crackling candles

Wood candles set the ambiance just right for a special night in by yourself or with loved ones. Set the stage for a nice time tonight with some wood candles from Love Inspired Candle Co. The cool thing about wood candles from Love Inspired Candle Co is that the wick is wooden, making them crackling candles.

During these days of social distancing, simply listening to some crackling candles is enough to be entertained, and the wood candles from Love Inspired Candle Co do not disappoint. There are so many delectable scents to choose from including Honeysuckle Jasmine (Relax and Release), You Matter (Zen), and Bullshit Repellent. Bullshit Repellent is the perfect gift for any parents in your circle who seem to be struggling to maintain this sense of humor during this inevitably difficult time. After a long day of kid-wrangling and working from home, they can light up Bullshit Repellent and let their stress fade away. This scent features Palo Santo Patchouli, Citrus, and Sage, and customers can choose from cotton or wood wicks.


Our crackling candles also make ideal gifts for any essential workers in your family or social circle. There's no doubt that going into the world is intense right now, and essential workers deserve moments to unwind. Our crackling candles burn for 40-60 hours and they're the perfect gift for all kinds of stressed out people right now - including yourself! Place your first order with Love Inspired Candle Co today - we look forward to adding you to our ever-growing list of loyal customers in no time.


Orders placed are shipped right to your door within just a few days. Our candles are a great treat for yourself, any kind of essential worker, or simply a friend who's muddling through this trying time.

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